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AJR Aviation Limited provides unparalleled service in the procurement and selling of aircraft, resulting in optimum value for our clients. Working based on referrals, generally with opportunities off market, our Group is comprised of aviation industry professionals with over 70 years’ experience, making AJR Aviation Limited a dedicated and focused team with a highly adaptive infrastructure.

About Us

Want to buy aircraft?

Our clients seek guidance in the selection, acquisition and leasing of commercial aircraft worldwide. With combined experience of over 70 years, our Group’s knowledge and high level of quality service ensures that clients receive the best value from their investment. 

We offer the commitment to connect buyers with the right aircraft as outlined by their requirements, leading to the best deal on the acquisition side in the best interest of the buyer.

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Want to sell your aircraft?

As with buying aircraft, AJR Aviation Limited work to the same thorough end-to-end process with our clients on selling aircraft. We welcome the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation in confidence regarding the sale of single or multiple aircraft – new and used.

Selling with AJR Aviation Limited means benefitting from industry expertise of over 70 years. Our global presence and market intelligence allows our clients to take advantage of our strong relationships with reliable buyers. We can provide market valuation of your aircraft compared to similar models on the global market.

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