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Working based on referrals, generally with opportunities off market, our Group is comprised of aviation industry professionals with over 70 years’ experience, making AJR Aviation Limited a dedicated and focused team with a highly adaptive infrastructure.

We are based in Central London with knowledgeable consultants and partners worldwide, giving AJR Aviation Limited the ability to identify, fulfil, and manage every facet of our clients’ needs globally. We work as a seamless global team to provide the best support and services to our clients; our intention is to establish long-term business relationships.

In the ever-changing aviation industry, AJR Aviation Limited continue to focus on providing standards and levels of service that are based on a direct and transparent approach. We whole-heartedly agree that communication is key, providing our clients with a smooth and consistent results-driven project process. We work on behalf of buyers and sellers globally; whether you are buying, selling, leasing or require parts, our team of experts can assist by providing real time information on availability. Our reputation is based on the extensive knowledge of the aviation market, meaning our clients gain expert, practical, tailored, and the most cost effective solutions and advice.

AJR Aviation Limited protects the confidentiality of its clients at all times, giving confidence of a secure service. Understanding the commercial and technical aspects of our clients’ business is important to us. Our project consultation process ensures that, from the beginning, we understand clients’ precise requirements enabling us to deliver the best, real results with transparency and confidence to give the best service for the best value. AJR Aviation Limited advise on the process from initial search to negotiation to finalisation of the project.

We provide and offer advice on:

  • Bespoke project proposals
  • Letters of intent (LOIs)
  • Project of understanding briefs
  • Sale and purchase agreements

We believe that no one client requirement is the same; we listen and engage in the details – sweating the small stuff, so you don’t have to – ensuring that our clients receive an explicitly customised experience.

In a process that can often be protracted, our clients know that they can rely on us to provide objective advice that is in their best interest and empowers them to make informed business decisions. Our clients can be confident to place their trust in the integrity of AJR Aviation Limited.

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